Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fix black hair?

I dyed my hair darkbrown a few hours ago.

only it came out black;

very bad,

it looks horrible on me and i need to know some ways to quickly fix it;

hopefully some i can do at my house?

with materials i have at hand :]

- i have already tried the dish soap method [4-5x] and it doesnt seem to be helping

i used Clairal Natural darkest brown if that helps any :/

please help with any ideas or methods that work :]


Fix black hair?

I had the same problem,,last week,,, look it up if you like. so I "dyed" it blond twice,,, then bleach blond once,,,, then honey brown,,, I love the results oh by the way,,, I bought the dye at the dollar store lol,,,,

Fix black hair?

Look on the box. There should be a toll free number to call to help you out.

Fix black hair?

there are only 2 ways to go, i know them pretty well since i dyed my hair black on purpose and then i didnt like it.

you can either wait for it to wash out with the days and it WILL turn lighter on the first week


you can go to a beauty saloon and tell them to take it back to your natural hair color by extracting the hair dye pigmnets from your hair (this can take weeks if youre blonde)

=/ im sorry, they take time but they DO work

Fix black hair?

if you just have to keep washing it out it will calm down

that's the color I use on my hair and I have dark brown hair, so it comes out black for a few days. just leave it alone and deal with it fora couple of days . you will be ok. if you try %26amp; dye it again you may end up with a blue hint around your head . Now thats bad trust me....

Fix black hair?

go to a professional for help

Fix black hair?

go to a hairdressers and ask

as u want to do it at home, u dont need to get it done there, but they should give u advice on what to do

Fix black hair?

sorry to hear about this, Clairol Darkest Brown is nearly black anyway, its sounds it was left on to long and over processed

and your hair maybe more porous than you think

I hate to say this but as a stylist there is no quick fix at home without making it worse and damaging your hair further

do not whatever you re bleach it, try a lighter toner that may help, otherwise its a trip to the salon for professional treatment

sorry its not what you want to hear, but try a lighter toner first

best of luck, as a salon owner you would not believe how many times this happens to people so don't feel real bad

it can be sorted out

Fix black hair?

Damn thats ****** up

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